Title is Important. 
David Attwood, Catherine Clayton-Smith, Jarrah de Kuijer, Eitan Ritz, Jacqui Shelton, Gemma Weston, Sean Whittaker

Blindside ARI, Melbourne
3 - 20 August 2016

Title is Important . installation view, Blindside ARI, 2016. Photo by Dane Lovett.

Title is Important. installation view, Blindside ARI, 2016. Photo by Dane Lovett.

In galleries and exhibition spaces, we are shown completed works and resolved outcomes. But what happens to the projects that don’t make the cut; works that are discarded or rejected; ideas that are dismissed and not pursued?

By revisiting and re-examining artworks, ideas or propositions that have been left, either literally or metaphorically, on the cutting room floor, the artists in Title is important. have been invited to explore potential, self-censorship and resolution in their artistic practice.

PERFORMANCE: Jacqui Shelton - two half-hour readings/murmuring
Thursday August 4, 6:30pm + Saturday August 6, 12.30pm

Catalogue essay can be viewed here

All photos by Dane Lovett.