Debris Facility, Get to Work, OK YEAH COOL GREAT, Paradise Structures

As part of Greater Together, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)
8 July – 17 September 2017

WORK/SHOP was a project as part of Greater Together, that took the form of a relational retail space in ACCA’s foyer. Engaging four artist practitioners and collaborators who have developed conceptual retail projects, WORK/SHOP drew out themes from the exhibition, exploring alternative modes of authorship, production and labour; the concept of art as commodity; and the retail space and gallery as sites of exchange. All of the artist projects ­­­­incorporated object-based products, which were available to purchase throughout the exhibition period.

Envisaged as a physical and metaphorical extension of the exhibition, and a way of including a greater number of artists in the program, this temporary, bespoke retail space was set up in the foyer, separate to the ACCA’s permanent bookshop and situated near the end of the exhibition, intentionally alluding to the well-worn practice of the ‘exit through the gift shop’.